Welcome to Bi Forum

Bi Forum is a bisexual project which aims to help amplify and provide a platform for Bi+ voices and to get them heard and understood by government, services and other organisations nationally.

We're initially running a one year pilot which will include surveys and outreach which we hope will feed into specific reports on e.g. the state of bi representation in safer sex materials (spoiler, it's not great.) We also want to run a Bi Forum event to get more detailed input from bi activists and representatives from a range of backgrounds. In the long run we'd love this to be a repeatable event – possibly even an annual one – but our longer term plans may well change as we go on.

We will be working with local bi groups and individuals, The Equality Network and LGBT Health and Wellbeing as well as other organisations who do great supportive work for the bi community and are always happy to be put in touch with new potential allies. We recognise that bisexual people come from all backgrounds and have a wide range of genders, gender identities, ages, faiths etc that also affect our needs and how we experience discrimination. We therefore aim to use intersectional approaches to our work and welcome partnerships with all equality organisations, not just those focused on LGBT.

Contact us if you are interested in getting involved.